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The founder of our firm, Ismet Ferdi Üzümcü, has worked as the manager at Çeşme AVIS Rent a Car during the perıod of 1993 and 1996. He established Blue Rent a Car in 1996 after observing the system of a WORLD WIDE known car rental service of AVIS Rent a Car and wanted to bring his own system into life.

The services Blue Rent a Car has provided since 1996 is based upon customer satisfaction on top of our list; providence of full insured and newest cars.

This is an outcome of both experience from the working period in AVIS Rent a Car and also from years and years of interaction and experience with our own customers.

Blue Rent a Car is happy to be maintaining its actions in Çeşme; one of Turkey’s cutest, cleanest and most distinguished holiday locations. With the growing tourism potential, the marinas of Alaçatı and Çeşme, the 5-star hotel chains; Çeşme has been the shining star of the Turkish tourism.

Blue Rent a Car has been able to answer to the increase in demand of rental vehicles caused by the growing tourism potential and has been giving services with its full insured and latest model vehicles. Blue Rent a CarBy adopting Özüşen Travel Agency into its operations in 1997, our firm has also been answering to our customers’ demands for rental villas (hotel reservations, rental villas with a car in front of the door, etc.).

With its concept of embracing all the Blue Rent a Car customers as a member of the  “Blue family”, our company will be carrying on its operations as it has been for the past 23 years.

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